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New BlogPosted by eric kerr Tue, July 13, 2010 19:46:59

Since returning from Holiday Natalie has been feeling unwell, on friday Natalie went to the Bolton Royal Hospital for a blood check up, the results according to the Doctor was normal Natalie was told to go home and rest and drink plenty of fluid and to return in 48 hrs if the symptoms persist. Natalie continued to feel ill throughout the weekend, so on Monday we contacted Sheffield Natalie was asked to go to sheffield Hospital for more checks.

Tuesday 13th July `10, on arrival she had the bloods taken from the line and after obtaining the blood results from Bolton taken last friday the findings were far from Normal and the Doctors decided to Admitt Natalie for IV Antibiotics which would mean a week stay in hospital for Natalie. who was not pleased at all. Fingers crossed they get to the bottom of this before the school Holidays.

Wednesday 14th July `10 , Natalie is bored in Hospital and wants to go home, The doctors came to see her and there is Bad news they found a bug in her line and this will now have to be taken out and a new line put in on Tuesday 20th july `10.

Thursday 15th july`10. Mum & Dad visited Natalie today with isabelle, she was pleased to see isabelle and gave her a big hug, 10 minutes after we got there, they came to take Natalie down to the operating Theatre to remove the line this was at 1.45 pm and then returned her at 2pm. Natalie was in a bit of pain and was uncomfortable.

Friday 16th July `10. Natalie feeling abit tired today and trying to get organised in some way, The doctors have identified the bug and can treat her but is still waiting for a date when they can put a new line into Natalie, its looking more like Thursday, Natalie`s not to pleased at having to spend another week in hospital.

Saturday 17th July `10. Natalie`s having a rest today and met Jason and his family who gave Natalie alot of Crisp and sweets. and kept Natalie company for most of the day. Natalie & Jason Collier are in the same boat stuck at Sheffield Hospital keeping each others spirit up.

Sunday 18th july `10 . Natalie`s feeling alot better today and was really pleased to see her Children and the rest of the family. shown in this picture also with Jason Collier.

Monday 19th July`10, Today Natalie has been having a rest and Jason and family also visited her and passed some time, Her Good Neighbours Norman & Agnes visited her and kept her upto date with all the street gossip.

Tuesday 20th July`10. Natalie was pleased to see her dad who made the effort to go all the way by train also met Jason`s mum & dad. Natalie has a slight temperature today and had a bad night due to the Night staff waking her up during the night for medication and talking loudly. she was in pain in her arm where the medicine was injected continously so asked Lovely Nurse Lisa to change the site.

Wednesday 21st july`10. Natalie had a bad night last night, the ward was to noisey again so she needed to catch up on her sleep which she did all morning, Natalie Banks from the Chorley Guardian rang to speak to Natalie to put an update artical in the paper next wednesday, Jason kept Natalie company today, Natalie is abit Nervous for tomorrow as she will be having the new hickman line put in. all the family and Friends are hoping Natalie keeps brave and things go well.

Thursday 22nd July `10. Natalie had the new hickman line put in she was first on the list for the theater and was taken down at 09 am and returned at 11.10 am brused and in pain shortly after having some pain killers she was recovering nicely and looking forward to coming home tomorrow and very excited that she will see her Kids soon and missed them alot.

Friday 23rd July `10. today Natalie came out of hospital and the first thing she did was give her kids a big hug, she was so please to see them and finally be home.