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My sister Natalie

New BlogPosted by eric kerr Thu, June 10, 2010 20:14:38

My big sisters loving, warm smile always seems to brighten my day, everything about her gives me the impression that I want to be just like her when I’m older. When I was younger I learnt a lot from this inspiring woman!
As she comes down my driveway every Saturday morning in her gloss black enlarged four by four Jeep with an eye catching sparkle that i know is always the carrier of good news, i walked with a pace that only i would if something interesting was taking place to the shiny white patio doors. After parking the high powered beast in perfection on the rough stoned dull looking driveway, she gets out like a glamour model in a photo shoot flicking her hair in a way that you would only imagine in slow motion as the hair swings to one side and the shine of the mousy brown locks blind you which make you take a second to put your hands over your eyes so that you can just open your eyes to see. She comes over with arms open wide with the impression of a hug that could break bones.
Although, Natalie has brightened my day, she continues to do so by constantly having the sweet smell of rose’s on her all the time. As she walks into the house, the atmosphere all of a sudden changes from dull and sad to happy smiling cheerful faces, she doesn’t only just make me happy but also the rest of the family. We sit down on the large leather comfy settees, as we sink into leather like you would if you sat on a beanie bag!
It comes to the time when the clock mood killingly ticks to the bottom number 6 and your face turns to hear that she has to go home and it hurts like someone is leaving you forever and it knocks the smile off your face like a boxer who throws a heavy punch and lays it on your brightened face.

Caroline Kerr