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Natalie 2010

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New BlogPosted by eric kerr Wed, June 09, 2010 15:16:04

sam collier 08 june

hiya eric been speaking to natalie 2nite wot an inspirition she is and so brave just like my brother jason i cant wait to get the website set up and just 2 start raising money 2 get jason the treatment as he is very poorly at the mo and this is his only hope!!i hope to hear from you soon me and natalie are going to keep in touch 2

eric kerr 09 june

hi sam, i know just what ur going through we have been through hell and back. hope this gives Jason some hope and if there is any way we could help do let us know. i have just changed Natalies website there is alot to read and events photos on there. im so proud of Natalie she has been through alot , im glad you have spoken to her and has given you Inspiration. keep in touch. x

Heather williams 09 june

just been on the site nat, u look wel,l i think ur strength is unbelivable an i really admire how strong u seem, good luck in helping other people raise money for there treatments, hope ur well at the moment and hope the kids r good 2. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
p.s lovin the profile pic lol xxThanks hun,

Natalie Kerr 09 june

my strength comes from having my two gorgeous children to live for! hope your ok x