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Blog 2018

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just to continue to keep you all informed of my journey through life after my Life saving Double Lung Transplant. Thank you very very much to my Organ donor always Grateful for this Precious gift.

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HospitalPosted by eric kerr Fri, January 12, 2018 15:47:40

12th Jan

This is friendship at its best, Julie Williams coming to hospital with me❤️, and even though it’s abit rubbish we’ve still managed a giggle ..SO unfortunately I’m getting ready for 3 weeks of IV Antibiotics as Oral don’t seem to be doing the trick☹️, but on the plus side I can have them at home and I’ve managed to avoid being admitted!! I’ve just had some iv training and tomorrow I’m to have a mid line fitted in my upper arm so I have access .. come on lungs we can do this 👊🏼xx (still smiling but just going a little bit slower right now)