Natalie 2011

Natalie 2011


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Transplant update

Hospital appointmentsPosted by eric kerr Fri, October 21, 2011 23:18:26

10th Oct. Going to buy my trainers today ready for my new lungs!! And Brandon says mummy make sure u get ones with laces and a good grip! Erm who's the parent? Lol Love you Brandon! I'll soon be able to chase after you :)

18h Oct .seeing the surgeons tomorrow... lol!

19th Oct. Seen the surgeon today and he was very nice and I trust he will look after me! They will now have a meeting on Friday and I should go on the transplant list! getting abit scared now but excited at the same time! x

21st oct . at 04 pm :- just received a call from the transplant co coordinator and as of now I am active on the transplant list!!! Woo hoo! New life here I come! xx

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