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Imatinib in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension

medicalPosted by eric kerr Sun, February 20, 2011 20:05:20

Good news on the horizen for treatment for pulmonary hypertension by a Drug called Imatinib. read more :-

On another trial a 61-year-old man with a rapidly progressing form of familial idiopathic
pulmonary arterial hypertension. Five years earlier, the patient had presented
with signs of right-sided heart failure in our pulmonary-hypertension referral
center. During the previous year, his condition had progressively deteriorated,
despite advanced combination therapy with oral bosentan (125 mg twice daily),1
inhaled iloprost (nine inhalations per day),2 and
oral sildenafil (50 mg three times a day).3,4 The
patient's six-minute walking distance had progressively declined during the
previous nine months, from 323 m to 260 m, and the pulmonary vascular
resistance increased from 1056 dyn · sec · cm–5 (with a mean
pulmonary-artery pressure of 59 mm Hg and a cardiac index of 2.08 liters per
minute per square meter) to 1538 dyn · sec · cm–5 . to read more :-

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