Natalie 2011

Natalie 2011


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In Wythenshawe Hospital

Hospital appointmentsPosted by eric kerr Thu, August 04, 2011 08:05:59

Is exhausted from doing absolutely nothing

Sunday 31/07.2011 = Just arrived at Wythenshawe Hospital! admitted and put in bed to rest and wait, wait , wait.

Monday 01/08/2011 = Well day one of transplant assessment! Had 13 bottles of blood taken this morning, had chest and teeth x-ray and seen the dietician who says I'm a healthy weight! The nurses are nice and taking good care of me!

Tuesday 02/08/2011 = Bone density scan, Dietician, visit from the social worker.

Wednesday 03/08/2011 = Ultrasound of Abdomen, Heart Scan, ECG, Visited the Intensive Care Unit, had a long chat with the Lung Transplant Specialist Nurse.

Tired from the transplant tests! Very impressed with Wythenshawe hospital though! Home tomorrow to see my babies.

Thursday 04/08/2011 = lung function test, a talk with the Physio , CT Scan. then home hopefully.

a good discussion with the Transplant co-ordinator.

Home at last! Very tired after all my tests for transplant! My fate is now in the transplant team's hands! I just have to wait for the phone call x

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