Natalie 2011

Natalie 2011


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Hospital appointmentsPosted by eric kerr Tue, July 19, 2011 17:01:56

Wow totally blown away by all the comments from my last status! Thankyou to you all for your messages of love and support! I am deeply touched! Not long to go now, 3 hours!! I'm getting butterflys!:)x

Sharon Corbett likes this.

Caz Warburton I'll be saying a little prayer for you Nat! Hope it all goes well x

Natalie Kerr Thanks Caroline x

Peter Frodsham and me, i am asking the spirit to take care of you xx

Bernadette Kassus Good Luck from all of us across the sea x

Jo Jo Taylor hpe everythin goes ok.huni ring me lata lv me n mia x

Gemma-Sue Wilson Good luck honey. Hope it all goes well xxx

Jonathan Pitt Good luck Nat, hope all goes well for you xx

Louise Cook Good luck hun. x

Val Mcglynn Good luck Nat xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thelma Kerr-Musgrave Praying all goes well!!

Cath Duce Good luck. Hope it all goes well. xxxx

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