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Natalie 2011


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Hospital appointmentsPosted by eric kerr Mon, July 18, 2011 18:02:08

Well I'm all sorted for my appointment with the transplant consultant tomorrow, got my little folder with all my bits and pieces in and a pen to write stuff down! God I'm such a geek! :)

Michelle Fowler u no geek ur a star nat x x x

Louise Stennett Not a geek just organised. Good luck hun I'll be thinking of you

Debbie Kerr Hpe u ok xxxx

Caroline Kerr i shall be coming with you, aw your a cutie not a geek. love you big sister! xxx

Sian Parker-Statham Good luck with your appointment.x

Anna Baker Will be thinking off you tomorrow, you will have complete brain overload, I remember it all so well. X x

Natalie Kerr Thanks caz and louise!xx and pete I think he'll think I'm goin for an interview lol x

Jill Fairhurst Was Holden Hope all goes well xxx

Eric Kerr good Luck .xx

Louise Stennett Who's going with you tomorrow?

Natalie Kerr Thanks dad, jill and anna! Mum and caz are coming with me tomorrow louise, dad has an appointment himself x

Anna Baker Remember although they will tell you all the negative things about transplant but you have got me to tell you how brilliant life is after!!!! X x

Emma Kilburn Good luck.xx

Natalie Kerr Thanks for all the messages, thanks anna! I am preparing myself for the negatives, ive read the wythenshawe website inside out so i prob know everything he's going to say lol! xxx

Joanne Foster good luck Natalie x

Helen Norman thining of you Nat! remember after the op we are off dancing!!

Jamell Colahan Cazer I went to the transplant Dr here in Phoenix and they told me I wasn't sick enough, I guess that's a good thing

Lorraine Foster thinking of you xx

Zoƫ Diane Percival about time,good luck nat,hope you get the new u want xxx

Amanda Carter Good luck hun!xxx

Margaret Greaves Good Luck Nat, will be thinking of you xx

Joanne MacKay Good luck Nat xx

Katherine Smith good luck, we'll be thinking of you. let us know how it goes. K xxxx

Siobhan Lilian Adams good luck nat thinking of u xxx

Rupa Chauhan Good Luck hun.x

Caroline Leedham Good luck let me know how you get on. Hopefully you will breathing better soon and maybe one day I will too xxxx

Andrew Krelle Hi Nat hope everything went well today, let me know the script later.xx

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