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Natalie 2011


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sheffield Hospital Calling

medicalPosted by eric kerr Sun, May 15, 2011 20:10:23

Monday 9th May did not feel well today wish these dizzy spells would go away, rang sheffield Hospital so had to go in for a check up. well could not believe that they actually saved the same bed for me so they said !.. lol. Blood test returned OK, had a Heart Scan on Tuesday and on wednesday was in the theartre for more than an hour to have a Heart Caterisation, was later told by the Doctor that the Heart was doing supprising well but there was still a concern about the High Pressure in the lungs, The Heart Specialist was asked to examin and was also pleased with the Heart function but concerned about the pressures, they have decided to do a full MRI scan. So Pleased to see My Children Brandon & Isabelle, Mum & Dad took me to the Hospital canteen for a meal, Friday evening they did a head scan to ensure there was no blockages to cause my dizzy spells. now waiting for the Ears, nose & Throat test on Monday and MRI Scan on Tuesday, been boring over the weekend no Visiters, Dad at work, looking forward to see Ang and Tara on Monday and Dad on Tuesday. Time to seriously consider a Lung Transplant.

20th May Out of Hospital now ,Still no sign of me feeling 100 o/o still a bit weak. looking forward to seeing my Children Brandon & Isabelle and my Family.

Thanks to all the staff at The Royal Hallamshire Hospital for looking after me. sorry if i have caused you any Problems.


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