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Natalie 2011


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On The Wall

newsPosted by eric kerr Wed, July 20, 2011 17:42:13

Read this on the wall in the Transplant Centre -
' Organ's aren't needed in your final destination, so leave them behind without hesitation. Every person will someday be called home so leave them on earth to continue to roam. There's no need for organ's in heaven above so leave them on earth for others to love.

How very true.

please consider being a Organ Doner

Calling the NHS Donor Line on 0300 123 23 23
(Lines are open 24 hours a day all year round. Calls are charged at your contracted rate for local calls)

By texting SAVE to 84118

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Wythenshawe Specialist

Hospital appointmentsPosted by eric kerr Tue, July 19, 2011 17:50:25

seen Dr Leonard at the wythenshawe hospital Manchester, what a pleasent person, we met 2 years ago and found him to be be very blunt but i was feeling very low back then with this illness and did not take bad news well, i was prepared for what was going to be said which helped, he was very understranding and would like me on the list ASAP. I will be having the test on the 31st July. so fingers crossed every one.

Peter Frodsham told you nat aww , keep your chin up natalie xx

Louise Stennett You'll soon be as good as new hun xx

Helen Norman Brill hunni, xxx

Zoë Diane Percival Fantastic news hun,be bak to chasing round after Brandon and isabelle very soon xxx

Jamell Colahan Cazer that's awesome!

Sian Parker-Statham Good luck. I will be thinking of you.x

Marie Kellett Kelly I will be praying for you lol xxxx

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Wythenshawe visit

Hospital appointmentsPosted by eric kerr Tue, July 19, 2011 17:01:56

Wow totally blown away by all the comments from my last status! Thankyou to you all for your messages of love and support! I am deeply touched! Not long to go now, 3 hours!! I'm getting butterflys!:)x

Sharon Corbett likes this.

Caz Warburton I'll be saying a little prayer for you Nat! Hope it all goes well x

Natalie Kerr Thanks Caroline x

Peter Frodsham and me, i am asking the spirit to take care of you xx

Bernadette Kassus Good Luck from all of us across the sea x

Jo Jo Taylor hpe everythin goes ok.huni ring me lata lv me n mia x

Gemma-Sue Wilson Good luck honey. Hope it all goes well xxx

Jonathan Pitt Good luck Nat, hope all goes well for you xx

Louise Cook Good luck hun. x

Val Mcglynn Good luck Nat xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thelma Kerr-Musgrave Praying all goes well!!

Cath Duce Good luck. Hope it all goes well. xxxx

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Hospital appointmentsPosted by eric kerr Mon, July 18, 2011 18:02:08

Well I'm all sorted for my appointment with the transplant consultant tomorrow, got my little folder with all my bits and pieces in and a pen to write stuff down! God I'm such a geek! :)

Michelle Fowler u no geek ur a star nat x x x

Louise Stennett Not a geek just organised. Good luck hun I'll be thinking of you

Debbie Kerr Hpe u ok xxxx

Caroline Kerr i shall be coming with you, aw your a cutie not a geek. love you big sister! xxx

Sian Parker-Statham Good luck with your appointment.x

Anna Baker Will be thinking off you tomorrow, you will have complete brain overload, I remember it all so well. X x

Natalie Kerr Thanks caz and louise!xx and pete I think he'll think I'm goin for an interview lol x

Jill Fairhurst Was Holden Hope all goes well xxx

Eric Kerr good Luck .xx

Louise Stennett Who's going with you tomorrow?

Natalie Kerr Thanks dad, jill and anna! Mum and caz are coming with me tomorrow louise, dad has an appointment himself x

Anna Baker Remember although they will tell you all the negative things about transplant but you have got me to tell you how brilliant life is after!!!! X x

Emma Kilburn Good luck.xx

Natalie Kerr Thanks for all the messages, thanks anna! I am preparing myself for the negatives, ive read the wythenshawe website inside out so i prob know everything he's going to say lol! xxx

Joanne Foster good luck Natalie x

Helen Norman thining of you Nat! remember after the op we are off dancing!!

Jamell Colahan Cazer I went to the transplant Dr here in Phoenix and they told me I wasn't sick enough, I guess that's a good thing

Lorraine Foster thinking of you xx

Zoë Diane Percival about time,good luck nat,hope you get the new u want xxx

Amanda Carter Good luck hun!xxx

Margaret Greaves Good Luck Nat, will be thinking of you xx

Joanne MacKay Good luck Nat xx

Katherine Smith good luck, we'll be thinking of you. let us know how it goes. K xxxx

Siobhan Lilian Adams good luck nat thinking of u xxx

Rupa Chauhan Good Luck hun.x

Caroline Leedham Good luck let me know how you get on. Hopefully you will breathing better soon and maybe one day I will too xxxx

Andrew Krelle Hi Nat hope everything went well today, let me know the script later.xx

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sheffield Hospital Calling

medicalPosted by eric kerr Sun, May 15, 2011 20:10:23

Monday 9th May did not feel well today wish these dizzy spells would go away, rang sheffield Hospital so had to go in for a check up. well could not believe that they actually saved the same bed for me so they said !.. lol. Blood test returned OK, had a Heart Scan on Tuesday and on wednesday was in the theartre for more than an hour to have a Heart Caterisation, was later told by the Doctor that the Heart was doing supprising well but there was still a concern about the High Pressure in the lungs, The Heart Specialist was asked to examin and was also pleased with the Heart function but concerned about the pressures, they have decided to do a full MRI scan. So Pleased to see My Children Brandon & Isabelle, Mum & Dad took me to the Hospital canteen for a meal, Friday evening they did a head scan to ensure there was no blockages to cause my dizzy spells. now waiting for the Ears, nose & Throat test on Monday and MRI Scan on Tuesday, been boring over the weekend no Visiters, Dad at work, looking forward to see Ang and Tara on Monday and Dad on Tuesday. Time to seriously consider a Lung Transplant.

20th May Out of Hospital now ,Still no sign of me feeling 100 o/o still a bit weak. looking forward to seeing my Children Brandon & Isabelle and my Family.

Thanks to all the staff at The Royal Hallamshire Hospital for looking after me. sorry if i have caused you any Problems.


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event in Bolton News

newsPosted by eric kerr Thu, April 14, 2011 16:18:42
2 articals in the Bolton News about the Phychic event.

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Sheffield again to visit Ian.

Hospital appointmentsPosted by eric kerr Sat, April 02, 2011 18:39:54

Had to go to sheffield on the 30th March, after a long Drive to sheffield with my Dad we got there at 10.45 , there was a long wait for the walk test so the doctors decided to skip this test and look at removing the stiches and just check my Bloods. after a Hour and Half wait the test returned all clear and i was allowed to go home. which was a a big relief.

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Natalie KerrPosted by eric kerr Thu, March 24, 2011 22:40:55
Australian Rugby league team of 2010 signed ball for sale, also picture of Darren Lockyer the Dvid Beckham of Australia rugby league. make your bid by email

For a up comming Charity Phychic event Pictured with Natalie & Michelle is Peter Frodsham a well known Phychic.

The full team :- Darren Lockyer (Capt), Sam Thaiday, Tom Learoyd-Lahrs, David Shillington, Paul Gallen, Greg Bird, Anthony Watmough, Cooper Cronk, Billy Slater, Cameron Smith, Kurt Gidley, Brent Tate, Matthew Scott, Willie Tonga, Petero Civoniceva, Luke Lewis, Darius Boyd, Brett Morris, Dean Young, Todd Carney, Nate Myles, Chris Lawrence, Robbie Farah, Lote Tugiri.

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Discovery may spell cure for heart and lung disease

newsPosted by eric kerr Thu, March 10, 2011 17:00:24

MONTREAL - A Canadian researcher may have discovered a breakthrough diagnosis - even a cure - for a devastating and deadly disease called pulmonary hypertension.

New research indicates a protein, dubbed PIM-1, is high in patients with the condition. The higher the PIM-1 levels, the more severe the patient's pulmonary hypertension, which narrows and scars pulmonary arteries and can stress the heart.

"The PIM-1 level in healthy patients is almost zero," Dr. Sebastien Bonnet, a researcher the Heart and Stroke Foundation, said in an interview Sunday. "Patients with severe pulmonary hypertension have PIM-1 levels through the roof."

Bonnet explained that somehow the protein makes cells sick. The research is ongoing.

"If you're able to knock down the expression of PIM-1, you'll be killing only the cells that are sick without harming the healthy cells," Bonnet said.

His research uncovered something even more exciting: by blocking the harmful protein, researchers were able to reverse the condition.

For the Quebec-based Bonnet, it's a ray of hope for patients struggling with the disease.

"The treatments now are limited and inefficient and the only way to cure someone with pulmonary hypertension is with a heart and lung transplant," he said.

The new discovery also might make it easier to diagnose the condition.

"This could be as simple as a blood test," he said. "You can just check the (PIM-1) levels."

Pre-clinical trials are now underway and Bonnet is optimistic human clinical trials on a drug cure will begin in a year.

According to the Pulmonary Hypertension Association of Canada, up to 5,000 Canadians have been diagnosed with the disease. Another 5,000 Canadians may be living with the illness and unaware they're sick.

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the chorley guardian

newsPosted by eric kerr Wed, March 02, 2011 16:18:10

to enlarge click on the link.

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