A tough ride but worth every step!!! So thankful to my Donor for every extra day I have and every breath I take, as i continue in my 5th year.

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newsPosted by eric kerr Thu, December 14, 2017 16:57:10

12th December Brilliant news today!!! . I’m waiting on key 103/Rock FM who want to do an interview at 11am 😬, hope it helps

little clip of my interview today, I thought it was just for radio but then he throws in he wants record 🙈!! Ah well, awareness raised . lives saved? ...I really hope so 🤞🏼xx

Jeremy Hunt launches opt-out organ donation plans in England
read more here

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Good News for our Petition

newsPosted by eric kerr Sat, November 25, 2017 15:42:17

October 4th

Victory! Organ donation change to Opt Out system in stunning victory for seriously ill transplant patients

The Prime Minister revealed the historic move in her speech at the Tory party conference in Manchester after a two-year campaign by the Daily Mirror

Theresa May today announced she will change the law on organ donation in a stunning victory for the Daily Mirror and our readers.

The Prime Minister revealed the historic move to an Opt Out system in her speech at the Tory party conference in Manchester.

The huge development comes after a two-year campaign by this newspaper.

Health campaigners, medics, MPs and patients hailed the Daily Mirror’s relentless drive to save hundreds of lives

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newsPosted by eric kerr Sat, November 25, 2017 13:45:06

September 4th

My last post of the day .. me and the kids hunted for a Lancashire post today because as usual I leave everything to the last minute .. to find I've made the front page! ... sadly people are actually dying! I was very lucky xx

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Radio Interview

newsPosted by eric kerr Sat, November 25, 2017 12:33:32

July 11th

This is why organ donation is so important ❤️
Thank you for everyones support, I had to share! I love my little family xx (5years ago)

Hey if you missed me this morning here I am 😬🙈! 2 hours and 12 mins in .

11/07/2017, Graham Liver - BBC Radio Lancashire

Waking up the county with the very latest news, sport and information for Lancashire.

Well you were on 9 o'clock news on heart heard it on way back from school run

So if you've not already had enough of me 😬.. I will be live on BBC radio Lancashire in the morning at 8am.. if I know most of my friends you will be busy getting your lovely children ready for school (as will I) and/or getting ready for work, however If you can spare a minute tune in 😬🙈!! The ultimate in multitasking for me .. getting a teenager out of the door, and 9 year old to get dressed whilst live on the radio
😫.. but hey we could just save a life !!

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Bolton news

newsPosted by eric kerr Sat, November 25, 2017 12:18:07

Natalie Kerr is feeling honoured.

5 July ·

Thank you to the Bolton News for their kind words Today .. apparently "I'm a wonderful ambassador for transplants but an inspirational and practical person, the embodiment of exactly why it is so important that we all embrace in the idea of offering our organs after death to save the lives of others"

Rules on organ donation urgently need changing

THANK goodness there may soon be some sense over the whole business of organ donation.


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Chorley Guardian

newsPosted by eric kerr Wed, February 15, 2017 19:28:09

Us in the Chorley Guardian this week Celebrating my 5 year anniversary so grateful to the chorley guardian for their continued support and helping me raise awareness of Organ Donation! P.s beautiful photo of my children I am so proud to be their mum .

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very exicited

newsPosted by eric kerr Wed, February 15, 2017 18:57:47

Very exciting I've just been approached by a lady at NHS blood and transplant to be involved in a huge campaign across Manchester in March to promote Organ donation, they are looking for faces of their campaign to feature on bill boards, train stations, road signs etc and work with police and fire and rescue and they have asked ME.

It's confirmed the Manchester Organ Donation campaign want to use my fat face . for their outdoor advertising, so bill boards, trains stations and road signs!! 😬Along with my other lovely friend but I'm not sure if he knows yet ❤xx (only the 3rd or 4th biggest city in the UK, not worried at all .

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New Start News Letter

newsPosted by eric kerr Wed, February 01, 2017 21:10:48
New Start Newsletter this weeks Edition shows team Wythenshawe .
For any Donation or Contributions to the next edition of the Newsletter please contact .
Lynda Ellis
New Start Charity, The Transplant Centre, Wythenshawe Hospital, Southmoor Road, Manchester M23 9LT.
tel :- 0161 945 2166.
web :

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