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Blog 2016


here's my blog for 2016, you can follow my life that I try to live to the full after being given a second chance by my very generous Organ Donor. I will continue to encourage people to join the organ donor register and hope that the law will change to make it a opt out option X

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Stacie Pridden

PeoplePosted by eric kerr Sat, December 03, 2016 10:48:42

13th August

My Friend Stacie Pridden

Please can I ask all my friends to take a moment to think about my lovely friend Stacie Pridden who received a heart and double lung transplant a year ago.. Unfortunately her new lungs are failing and she's really poorly.Doctors are in the process of putting her back on the transplant list... Please if you haven't already,Please would you sign the organ donor register and spread the word!! Thank you 💖xx

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