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Blog 2016


here's my blog for 2016, you can follow my life that I try to live to the full after being given a second chance by my very generous Organ Donor. I will continue to encourage people to join the organ donor register and hope that the law will change to make it a opt out option X

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Christmas lights switch on

EventsPosted by eric kerr Sat, December 03, 2016 16:36:10

17th November

At Bolton Christmas Lights switch on .. we come every year without fail

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Holiday to Florida

HolidayPosted by eric kerr Sat, December 03, 2016 16:34:08

28th October

Well we've watched you all go on your holidays all year and now it's our turn!! Disney World Orlando here we come!! Making memories and having fun with my favourite people! Xxx

Thank you Grandpa for our Dollars

Had the most amazing time in Florida! Enjoyed lots of quality time with my two also my little sister and really cute nephew I made a promise to Brandon and Isabelle years ago whilst sat with my oxygen on waiting desperately for my new lungs .. that I would bring them to Disney when I was better and I'm proud to say I fulfilled my promise also taking my new lungs on their biggest adventure yet!!! Xx

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EventsPosted by eric kerr Sat, December 03, 2016 14:59:03

16/10/2016 Petition up date

Ok so there's only 12 days left and we're still pushing for those signatures .. 13,300 I think is pretty amazing and signed all over the country !! Please keep signing and sharing anything could happen 100,000 is still our Goal xx

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EventsPosted by eric kerr Sat, December 03, 2016 14:55:26

Ok so I'm trying this again ... our little Marnie is very poorly and would really like you all to share her heart on hand campaign ... you can do it with friends or your little ones, we've had some media interest and we want this to go viral for Marnie! Some come on guys please help by adding your selfie with number 8 written on your hand then copy and paste the paragraph below and ask your friends to do the same ....tag me so I can see xx

"One organ donor can save up to EIGHT lives. The same donor can also save or improve the lives of up to 50 people by donating tissues and eyes"

Out of respect for those incredible men, women AND children who have donated their organs to save the lives of other's, simply complete the following challenge and sign the following petition;

- Take a black and white selfie incorporating the number 8 in the palm of your hand (this represents the lives YOU could save and shows you support Organ Donation).

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Marnie Brace

PeoplePosted by eric kerr Sat, December 03, 2016 14:22:08

12th October

So honoured to have our photo hung up in Marnie's cot .hope we bring you luck baby girl .. that photo is definitely sending lots of love to you xxx

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MORE Support

EventsPosted by eric kerr Sat, December 03, 2016 13:53:19

6th October
Jack Catterall:

This is for my mums friend Natalie Kerr who has had 4 years more with her kids than she would have if not for a double lung transplant, would you be willing to accept an organ to save your life or a loved one then why not be willing to give one too ... the ultimate in recycling

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petition support

EventsPosted by eric kerr Sat, December 03, 2016 13:47:49
4th October,
Karl Pilkington you are AMAZING!!! Look at how many shares and likes!!!! OMG!! WOW!! Thank you for sharing xx — feeling excited

all this support took the numbers well past 10,000

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Wythenshawe Hospital

HospitalPosted by eric kerr Sat, December 03, 2016 13:33:01
27th September

So today was my best clinic appointment in years .. I've blown my best lung function in 2 years.. Actually shocked myself!! The team are really pleased with me❤️! I'm so happy... Now to look forward to the coming months with Brandon and Isabelle.. 🌲!! Forever grateful to my donor for my beautiful lungs xx

feeling happy.

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Blackpool Illuminations

FamilyPosted by eric kerr Sat, December 03, 2016 12:49:56

24th September

Blackpool illuminations now to find some sugar donuts .

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PH Magazine

EventsPosted by eric kerr Sat, December 03, 2016 12:44:45

19th September

In this months PH Emphasis magazine which came today .

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