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Blog 2016


here's my blog for 2016, you can follow my life that I try to live to the full after being given a second chance by my very generous Organ Donor. I will continue to encourage people to join the organ donor register and hope that the law will change to make it a opt out option X

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My Year

NataliePosted by eric kerr Thu, December 22, 2016 11:39:44
Just when i thought i would have a quite year ,here's another packed one! So as this year draws to a close here's another Year with my new lungs . lots of ups and a few downs as is life .. but all in all another amazing year. Kids finish tomorrow, so excited for a lovely Christmas with them 🎁and looking forward to 2017! I'm so grateful for every extra day I have and every single breath i take. xx

watch my Video: I LOVE MY LIFE

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build up to christmas

NataliePosted by eric kerr Thu, December 22, 2016 11:30:08

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My Birthday

NataliePosted by eric kerr Sat, December 03, 2016 17:06:05

I would just like to say thank you so much for every single happy birthday message, card and present. I've had a lovely birthday .. still pinch myself that I'm still here and seeing another birthday it's just amazing! Looking forward to another year full of happiness, fun and love with my two, my lovely new lungs and my family and friends .

Trip to the Christmas Markets on my birthday with the family

Singing happy birthday yesterday .. Dylan is so cute giving me kisses then telling me my wishes lol .. America, Florida, Disney world, Kaiden says wish for a mansion, izzy says win the lottery and Brandon's like just make your own wish mum .( i was going to anyway) then Dylan says what did you wish for? Erm excuse me can everyone leave my wish alone, bet no one can guess what it was.

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Happy Birthday

NataliePosted by eric kerr Sat, December 03, 2016 16:53:03
20th November.
Happy Birthday to a very Special lady our Beautiful Daughter Natalie. Hope we can make this a wonderful day for you doing the simple things spending Quality time with ur Family. Love you loads Mum and Dad,

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pre Birthday

NataliePosted by eric kerr Sat, December 03, 2016 16:44:33

18th November,
I've been really spoilt on my little get together this morning ahead of my birthday on Sunday ... Thank you to all the lovely Ladies who came .. also their children .. and their doggies lol .. looking forward to opening my pressies on Sunday

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News Letter

NataliePosted by eric kerr Sat, December 03, 2016 10:53:54

13th august

Thank you to Adlington Town Council for mentioning my petition in the newsletter and also raising awareness xx

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NataliePosted by eric kerr Mon, June 27, 2016 12:22:21
Every breath is Definitely a blessing.

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PHA Magazine support

NataliePosted by eric kerr Mon, June 27, 2016 11:51:06
PH patient launches petition to boost organ donation
  • Written by Mary Ferguson on Thursday the 5th of May 2016.

A PHA UK member who had a double lung transplant four years ago has launched a petition calling for all UK residents to be automatically placed on the organ donor register.

Natalie Kerr, 34, lives in Adlington, Lancashire and received her life saving double lung transplant four years ago in 2012. She has now created a petition that calls on the government to change the law so that everyone is automatically placed on the register, with the option to remove themselves if they wish. Currently, people have to opt in.

Natalie, who has two children – Brandon, 13 and Isabelle, eight – said: “I am passionate about organ donation as it saved my life. My donor was a 52-year-old lady and she is my hero as she has given me extra time with my children. Sadly, however, I see that many people aren’t as lucky as me and don’t get this second chance, purely because not enough people are joining the organ donor register. This pushed me to start this petition as I want to use what happened to me to make a difference.”

Natalie’s petition already has over 2000 signatures. The petition is open until 28th October and if it reaches 10,000 signatures government will respond. If it reaches 100,000 signatures it will be considered for debate in Parliament.

Natalie added: “When I was placed on the active transplant list I faced a real possibility that I would die if a match wasn’t found and I began making plans to say goodbye to my children, which was heart-breaking. Doctors told me one in three people die whilst waiting for a transplant, simply due to the shortage of organs being available. I’m determined to help change this by spreading the word and getting those 10,000 signatures.”

You can sign Natalie’s petition here

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Guardian paper

NataliePosted by eric kerr Mon, June 27, 2016 11:44:23
Made the News paper again in may.

Front page of the chorley guardian today (24/05/16) "A special report" Hope this helps the campaign. To read here's the link:-…/mum-s-campaign-to-chang
And to sign my petition if you haven't ..

Proud I made the front page .. For a whole week.

The 34-year-old underwent a double lung transplant in February 2012, nine months after being told she had just a year left to live.

Natalie was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension while in labour with her daughter Isabelle, a rare condition which causes the blood vessels in the lungs to narrow and affects the flow of blood and oxygen.

She became so ill that she had to use a wheelchair because she could not walk more than a few metres.

But her life changed when she received the transplant and she has so far had four extra years with her children.

Now Natalie, who lives in Adlington, is doing her bit to help others.

She has a petition calling for an opt-out system to be introduced for organ donation, so people are automatically on the register unless they choose otherwise.

Natalie said: “The main thing I find when I’m talking to people is that they are not on the organ donor register.

“They say they haven’t got round to it or they are worried they will jinx themselves if they sign up to it.

“A lot of people have said they think it should be that everyone in the UK is on the register and those who don’t want to be can come off.

“I wanted to start a petition to make that the law.”

The online petition was set up a few weeks ago and already has more than 2,400 signatures.

If it reaches 10,000 signatures, the Government will respond, and it will be considered for a debate in Parliament if it reaches 100,000 signatures.

Natalie said: “Even if I don’t get the signatures, at least it will get people talking about organ donation and get people to join the register and still save lives.”

The opt-out system was introduced in Wales on December 1. It assumes people have no objection to their organs being donated, unless they register not to be a donor.

Natalie hopes the change will be rolled out across the UK in a bid to save more lives.

But she says that just because people would automatically be on the register, they would not necessarily became a donor.

For example, the cause and place of death can affect whether someone is a suitable donor.

Because organs have to be transplanted quickly, they can only be donated by someone who has died in hospital. Usually organs come from people who are certified dead in a hospital intensive care unit, generally as a result of a brain haemorrhage, major accident like a car crash, or stroke.

People would also be able to opt out of the register.

Natalie said: “Some people are coming to me to say this is wrong and I shouldn’t do this, but the reality is that 500,000 people die each year and only one per cent are potential organ donors.”

Natalie feels passionately about organ donation after undergoing a double lung transplant.

She started feeling short of breath after the birth of her son Brandon, who is now 13, but doctors did not find anything wrong.

But it became worse when she was pregnant with Isabelle, now eight, as she started turning blue and fainting.

After Natalie went into labour at 33 weeks, tests found her heart was enlarged and she had pulmonary hypertension.

She said: “I didn’t really know what it was - I was in the middle of having a baby.

“It was only afterwards that I looked into it. I found out I might have three months to live and there was no cure. I was devastated.”

Natalie left hospital but rather than being able to enjoy the start of Isabelle’s life, the lack of oxygen meant she was constantly sleeping.

Five months later she saw specialists at a hospital in Sheffield and received medication.

But Natalie’s health continued to deteriorate - she needed to use a wheelchair and a stair-lift because she got so tired simply walking from one room to the next.

A fund-raising appeal was launched to raise £40,000 so she could go to the USA for stem cell treatment.

She did not pass out for a year after the treatment, but then she became ill again and was being admitted to hospital more frequently.

Natalie was told in May 2011 that she had just a year to live and was put on the transplant waiting list that October.

She said: “I thought I might not get lungs in time. I started writing a will and making plans.

“It was heartbreaking. The worse thing of it all was the thought of leaving my kids.”

Four months later Natalie received the news she was waiting for - a pair of lungs was available for her.

The transplant went ahead and just weeks later, Natalie was allowed to go home.

She said: “The minute I left the hospital I felt so different. I walked outside and was so excited. It was like going into a brand new world.”

Natalie continues to take medication and gets out of breath if she runs, but no longer uses a wheelchair and can spend time with her children.

She appreciates every moment and always thinks about what has happened that day as she bathes each evening.

“I soak everything in and I enjoy everything, “ she said. “Before I took it all for granted. Now I want time to slow down. While I’m better, it’s going so fast.”

And she remains grateful to her donor, saying: “I would not be here today if it wasn’t for the lady who gave me her lungs.

“I hope she is proud of me making the most of the extra time I have got, that she has given to me.”

To sign Natalie’s petition, go to

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After the operation

NataliePosted by eric kerr Mon, March 14, 2016 07:47:30
Operation on the 24th Feb home on the 25th Feb.

I'm totally overwhelmed by all the lovely messages and comments I've received over the last few days they have really kept me going thank you, I can happily announce that the operation went well and I am safely back home with my babies .. But really really sore !! Time to rest up! Thank you again .

Feeling sorry for myself my tummy is a mixture of feeling sore and swollen, and my wrists are hurting from them needles in hospital ! On the plus side as we approach the end of Feb look what my little calendar says ! Always a plus side to everything ! Feels good to turn that page to see March x

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