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I am forever Grateful to my organ donor . i am now able to live a life and to love and look after my Children.

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EventsPosted by eric kerr Fri, November 20, 2015 00:06:36
Op out clause required to be implemented as soon as possible too many people waiting on transplant list and many dying waiting, Our MP has not forgotten about me bless him, So looks like this is the next step .. I've had a look and there's already a few e-petitions online so I will need everyone's help to share and pass on please once it's up and running

I've sent my petition "make organ donation an opt out system across the UK!" And it's being considered by the government not sure if it will pass as there are a few similar but I had a thought if I get lots to sign it while it's being looked at it might help . So please would all my lovely friends sign .. Here's the link Thank you xx
(Update .. I don't think you can sign anymore as its awaiting decision but thank you to everyone who's tried.. I will let you know when I hear from them)

So my petition has been rejected, What makes me cross is the one that's going has only got 44 signatures in 2months? I was going to put loads of hard work in I was aiming for thousands!! Oh well I will try again in Feb 2016.smiley