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I am forever Grateful to my organ donor . i am now able to live a life and to love and look after my Children.

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Brandon Kerr

FamilyPosted by eric kerr Thu, November 19, 2015 23:07:15
4th September So today my boy woke up a Teenager Happy 13th Birthday Brandon, Good morning world ... So today I'm gunna be a teenager and Opening pressies big hug from Isabelle Happy birthday to my big brother, back from school home in time to pick his little sis up with mum, Even said hello to his old teachers who wished him happy birthday and were surprised that he is now as tall as most of them, Popped into see great grandad who was happy to see the birthday boy!!! Before going to Pizza Hut for a meal with the rest of the family cutting the chocolate birthday cake with Cousins, Aunties, Grandma and Grandpa.