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I am forever Grateful to my organ donor . i am now able to live a life and to love and look after my Children.

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Radio interview

EventsPosted by eric kerr Wed, July 22, 2015 21:04:42
Just dropped my baby girl off for last time in the infants On my way to St Michaels now to see my other baby pick up an award for sports oh and just been interviewed live by BBC radio Manchester on route about organ donation .

Eric Kerr 14mins 18seconds listen to Nat talk. So inspirational. Love u loads. Xx

Bill Noble Great going again Natalie Kerr keeping the message in the forefront of people's minds. I'm a bit disappointed you will not be defending your sporting records at Newcastle though

Natalie Kerr Thanks Bill ..Aww lol I'm saving my energy for liverpool x

Bill Noble I look forward to seeing the pictures of you training x

Nichola Whyment Nat I love you!! I cry when I hear you talking about it but you have me laughing at the same time talking about bowling with your giggle. Great interview chick xxx]

Natalie Kerr Aww I love you too Hun .. I'm not normal lol xx

Bosco D'Souza next the big screen lol ?