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I am forever Grateful to my organ donor . i am now able to live a life and to love and look after my Children.

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HospitalPosted by eric kerr Tue, December 15, 2015 20:06:03
Hospital Appointment today that long journey in the traffic, but feeling happy , had a really positive visit to the Hospital today .... i`m beaming !! Lungs are doing brilliant smiley .. My Consultant is really happy with me i`ve been nice and stable all year .. we`re so happy to be reaching my 4th year mile stone after x`mas, Going to start reducing some medications especially steroids !! Now time to enjoy Xmas with my Beautiful kiddie winkles and look forward to a brand new year !! Thank you to everyone who loves and supports me happy Christmas. smiley


HospitalPosted by eric kerr Fri, November 20, 2015 01:01:57
10th November Appointment at the Chorley and south Ribble district General Hospital.

Just been for my annual skin check and the nurse looked everywhere.. And I mean everywhere!!!..Anyway good news is I'm all clear of the big C, back in a year .

Caroline Leedham Didnt know you had had problems with your skin hun xx

Natalie Kerr We are at high risk of skin cancer Hun coz of our transplant drugs so that's why I'm checked every year xx

Caroline Leedham That's good that they keep an eye on you. Xx


HospitalPosted by eric kerr Fri, November 20, 2015 00:23:39
21st October Hospital Appointment at Wythenshawe Hospital.
did a Hospital selfie with mum then spot a photo of me on the wall. all the test went well and the Doctor was pleased with me too, there is a mild rejection but can be treated.

Wythenshawe Appointment

HospitalPosted by eric kerr Thu, June 04, 2015 19:58:43
At Wythenshawe Hospital Transplant Unit a check quick on my precious lungs with my mum and Isabelle. then a visit to the ward to see Pauline Ginn who had a double lung and Heart transplant.
Superwoman Pauline Ginn ... Looking fab with her new heart and lungs.smiley

Bolton Royal

HospitalPosted by eric kerr Thu, June 04, 2015 19:51:19
Feeling Happy at Bolton Royal Hospital, Kids have just been seen by the doctors from Alderhey children's hospital and had heart scans, Both have beautiful hearts functioning well. No signs of pulmonary hypertension smiley, # very happymummy ! Also popped onto the ward to show them where mummy used to work.

Wythenshawe Appointment

HospitalPosted by eric kerr Sat, March 28, 2015 22:19:15
on the 26th March, Appointment Checking on my precious lungs. all seems well so far so good, just got to learn to control my Diabetes .

A selfie with the man who saved my life .... My surgeon.

Appointment Wythenshawe

HospitalPosted by eric kerr Thu, February 26, 2015 16:59:43
Here Again ...... they do look after me.
My lungs are fine everyone lungs function slightly dropped again but not loads and they sound nice and clear...they are just concerned about my blood sugars now so I need to see my gp.

Double check up at Wythenshawe

HospitalPosted by eric kerr Thu, February 05, 2015 19:04:18
come on lungs you can do this , seeing the Doctor at wythenshawe transplant unit.
My lungs did good today ... Oxygen levels 100%.. And lung function a bit so nice and steady back in 3 weeks.

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