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Natalie KerrPosted by eric kerr Thu, December 26, 2013 11:03:30
Well I have bagged another Christmas wohoo!! 2 now since my transplant and both very special to me, my children and family! Thought of my donor at christmas dinner as we raised a glass! Merry Christmas angel! Hope all my family and friends have had a wonderful day, I have! The count down is on now to a new year!! Let's see what you've got 2014.
Someones been a good girl this year! so change of style for the new Year.
Its quite special really, because I've been very anti bags because for nearly 4 years I had to wear a bag all the time with my medicine pump in so when I got rid of it I didn't want to see another bag again! I'll go shopping with my keys purse and phone in my hand! So I thought its about time u got a decent handbag now its been nearly 2 years, so I did it in style.

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