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Forget Me Not

PeoplePosted by eric kerr Fri, October 18, 2013 21:40:40
This lovely woman has just come over to me in the iceland car park. She said are you Natalie kerr? I said yes and she started crying! She said she was so happy to meet me, she's been following my story and she's so pleased I'm doing well! She said I deserve a long and happy life with my children and she's going to tell her family she's met me.smiley

I did give the woman a hug cudnt let her stand there crying bless her! Then I flipping cried too

It made my day that and seeing my boy get a certificate in assembly. Thought people would have forgotten me by now! Xx

Louise Stennett You'll be asked for your autograph next. It is emotional and we are all glad you're still here and enjoying every minute of your life.

julie Warbrick How n hugs.xx

Carol Nuttal Can't believe we didn't see you!

Carol Taylor Aww that's so nice xx

Liz Fairhurst Aww lovely x

Helen Norman gorgeous special moment - treasure for ever Nat, love you xx

Karen Matnarundin aww what a lovely story

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