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Gift of life

NewsPosted by eric kerr Sun, July 14, 2013 00:41:26
The Bolton News Columnist commented.

Give Gift of Life .

IT’S Transplant Week and not a bad time at all to ponder on the subject and possibly take some action.
People like Natalie Kerr, the former Royal Bolton Hospital nurse from Adlington whose life was saved last year by a double lung transplant from an anonymous donor, well understand what a transplant means.
And there are many others in the Bolton and Bury area who share this special knowledge and appreciation, either for themselves or for someone they love.
A bill before the Welsh assembly legislates for presumed consent to organ donation, with an opt-out clause. And many of us would love to see this system taken up throughout the UK.
I’d certainly keep the opt-out clause but also make it clear that if you do, you also opt out of receiving organs. In the meantime, please consider registering voluntarily as an organ donor by going to and giving the best gift of all Life

Nearly 200 die while waiting for organ transplant


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