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Natalie 2013

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FamilyPosted by eric kerr Fri, August 30, 2013 11:40:38
Had a busy day painting with dad, what a difference a lick of paint makes.followed by a delicious Indian!! Stuffed now. well today's been a very productive day, started off not feeling very well but I'm feeling better now, thanks Dad for all your hard work again and mum for your delicious curry.

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My Entire World

FamilyPosted by eric kerr Fri, June 21, 2013 17:38:56

Organ Donation has changed my life for the better, without which i would not have been here for my Beautiful Children. i am so Grateful to my Organ Donor. thankyou so so much.

Please consider being an organ donor and register today. HERE

my entire world! love them soooo much. smiley

On Facebook over 60 likes:- Totally overwhelmed by the amount of likes I got on my two photo's yesterday. Thank you very much! I know everyone who liked them knows how much my children mean to me and everything we've been through together. I'm so thankful to my donor for keeping us together for a few more years, hopefully lots more years, whichever I am treasuring every minute smiley

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Sweet shop

FamilyPosted by eric kerr Sun, June 09, 2013 22:00:49
Hey ! check out My cousins Sweet shop.smiley

Me+izzy have just been to visit cousin Emily at her sweet shop.

at JW retailers, King Street, Farnworth. BL4 7AZ.

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Birthday Girl

FamilyPosted by eric kerr Sat, February 02, 2013 01:00:23
Just been getting all the party food for Izzys party on Saturday! Big trolley full in Asda, some little old lady says "looks like someones having a party!" Aww smiley made me smile also the fact that I was walking around Asda, like a normal mummy picking party food! Couldn't have done that last year! Excited for my baby's big day!!.

40 party bags later

love you more than you can imagine.smiley

Happy 5th Birthday to my beautiful little girl Isabelle!! We've been through a lot together in your short 5 years, hope I'm doing a good job being your mummy! I love you so much and I hope the next 5 years will be abit more straight forward but lots of fun! Looking forward to your party this afternoon .

Iabelle opening her Presents with Mum and Aunty Debbie.

Well i think Isabelle has had a nice day, she really enjoyed her mickey and minnie mouse party. Thank you to everyone who came and for all her pressies! Dreading the day when my kids don't want parties anymore, i love all this! Love making a big fuss! finished the day off with a nice family tea! Love you Isabelle. smiley

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love life

FamilyPosted by eric kerr Sat, January 26, 2013 23:03:52
Can't believe this time next week my little Princess is going to be 5! 5 years have gone by and so much has happened in those years! This is the first birthday that Isabelle will have a 'normal mummy' as I've been ill for all her other birthdays! Looking forward to making it a super special day for you baby girl, love you so much,,

All thanks to a generous Organ Donor. please consider Joining the Organ Donor Register.

to sign up click HERE .

Saturday, 26 January 2013. Since 1 April 2012.

964 people have donated organs, an additional 2,319 peopleh ave donated corneas,

2,818 people have received the gift of sight, 2,475 people have received transplants,

7,410 people are still waiting for transplants.


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snow day

FamilyPosted by eric kerr Sat, January 19, 2013 20:21:10

enjoying the simple things in life that was once only a dream. Just had a great hour of fun in the snow with the kids sledging, snowball fights, coco rolling around in the snow playing with all the other dogs , beats school! Love love life love Adlington.


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