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Granada reports july.

TVPosted by eric kerr Sat, July 13, 2013 19:32:56
Well its National Transplant week guys and guess who is going live on Granada reports tonight! Tune in to see Miss kerr 6pm itv.

Thank you to all those who took the time to tune in a watch me and my mini me's on granada reports! We enjoyed the experience! love my little family so much they did really well.

watch on youtube :-

also well done to the BBC great programme, made me cry! Thank you for including me and my beautiful children at the end.

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TVPosted by eric kerr Fri, April 12, 2013 12:50:51
02.00 PM thursday 11/04/2013. Natalie gets a call by the BBC to appear live on tv news at 06.30 pm. which was then broadcasted live at 06.45pm. a very impressive performance by Natalie putting her views on Organ transplant and the need for people to join the organ donor register. hope we can get a clip of the video to put here.

watch the interview via Youtube click HERE

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ITV Granada Reports

TVPosted by eric kerr Tue, February 12, 2013 22:00:35
Transplant patient visits those who saved her life.

By Mel Barham.

I first met Natalie Kerr about 4 years ago. She was suffering from a condition called pulmonary hypertension that affected both her lungs and her heart.

Despite trying all sorts of treatments including pioneering stem cell treatment in America, nothing worked. The young mother of two was given just a year to live.

Her only chance of survival was a double lung transplant. Natalie very bravely agreed that I could follow her story and when she was called to say they'd found her a match, she rang me so that I could come and film the moment she hoped would save her life. It did.

The operation went well and a year on, Natalie can breathe, she can be a mum to her two children and she's living proof that transplants really can transform lives.

Natalie was lucky. She only waiting 4 months from the time she was placed on the transplant list to when she got the operation. But many others aren't so lucky.

Since her operation, Natalie has worked tirelessly to try and spread the message of organ donation. She's gone into schools and given talks and has appeared many times on Granada Reports over the last 12 months to tell her story and explain what a difference it made to hers and her family's life.

Who better then to get the message across about organ donation than Natalie herself. Which is why we decided to make her a reporter for the day and get her to look at the issues surrounding the acute shortage of donors and find out the reasons why so many don't add their names to the donor register.

With me as her producer, we went back to Wythenshawe hospital where she had her operation to talk to those who work there, and also a lady who had a transplant 24 years ago.

We also went to an office in Manchester to find out what the public really felt about organ donation. What Natalie found out was fascinating.

She admits herself that the whole process of looking into this issue for Granada Reports was an eye-opening experience. Speaking to others and telling them her story, she even manages to change people's minds.

Thanks to her, many people have already added their names to the organ donor register. I hope many more will feel compelled to and do the same when they watch her fascinating report.

please register Now

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ITV London

TVPosted by eric kerr Tue, February 12, 2013 21:48:54
Well we had a lovely 2 day in London, Travelled First Class there and back. had a tour around London main sights on the Bus been on the London eye and to finish of went on the television ITV Daybreak Programme .

OMG just had an email from Day Break to say that an extra 10,000 people joined the organ donor register after my appearance! CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!! Wow! 10,000 people smiley. please register here this will be on for 6 days only.

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Acting Reporter

TVPosted by eric kerr Sat, February 02, 2013 00:43:54

I'm off to manchester today reporting my own piece for Granada reports! smiley

Had a busy day reporting today, interviewed the transplant co-ordinator and a lady who had a heart transplant 25 years ago!! Wow! Then went to Granada had a peak in the Granada newsroom smiley before giving a talk to the lovely people at shelia's wheels! Hopefully the piece will come together nicely even with my fat face lol , thanks for a nice day Mel and Mike.

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Day Break

TVPosted by eric kerr Thu, January 24, 2013 16:31:40

Well Day Break just rang, she's written down my story and they will discuss it at their meeting. They've rang a few people so they will pick one of us .smiley

Well guess who's going on the day break sofa!! Lol smiley. its confirmed.

Lets hope we can convince more people to join the Organ Donor Register.


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