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NewsPosted by eric kerr Thu, December 11, 2014 17:55:16

In the Bolton News

A BOLTON mother who underwent a life-saving double lung transplant has celebrated a birthday that she never thought she would see.

Natalie Kerr turned 33 this week and enjoyed her special day with her family, including children Brandon and Isabelle. For many people, 33 could be seen as a fairly unremarkable age, but Natalie said that every birthday reached following her operation is a fantastic achievement worth celebrating.

She underwent the transplant in February 2012 after suffering with pulmonary hypertension.

Natalie, who lives in Adlington but is originally from Breightmet, said she was thankful to be alive and paid tribute to the person who donated the organs.

She said: “I am just so thankful to be here and to be able to see another birthday with my children and my family.

“I owe this all to my donor, she is the reason I’m here and I think about her all the time.”

In August Natalie took part in the British Transplant Games which saw transplant athletes compete in four days of sport and activities at venues across Bolton.

The main aim of the games, along with celebrating those who have undergone successful transplants, was to encourage as many people as possible to sign the NHS organ donor register.

Natalie added that it was vital as many people signed up to the register.

She said: “My illness taught me both how cruel and how precious life can be.

"I think it was so brave what that family did for me — it saved my life — which is why I am passionate about encouraging other people to sign up to the register.

“You just need to discuss your wishes with your family and then you never have to worry about it again. I can’t stress enough how important it is for people to sign that register.”

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Archery UK Magazine

NewsPosted by eric kerr Fri, October 03, 2014 20:12:02
A picture of me in Archery U.K magazine this month LOL I pop up every where.

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PH emphasis magazine

NewsPosted by eric kerr Wed, August 20, 2014 19:42:15
Today in the PH emphasis magazine, if I don't say so myself I'm actually quite proud of me lol .and I'm even more proud of my two amazing children!! Love my little family to the moon and back. smiley feeling Proud.

visit the website to read all about this horrible illness natalie once had. thanks to a double lung transplant she is now living a near normal life and enjoying it to the full.
pha magazine

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Thousands sign up

NewsPosted by eric kerr Thu, August 14, 2014 00:38:36

Thousands sign up to the Organ Donor Register, after the British transplant games.

Bolton news reporter said ! Just bumped into one of our poster girls, Natalie Kerr, who had a double lung transplant which saved her life.

She is getting a bit of archery coaching from coach Pete (in the green) and will also be doing swimming and the 5k donor run over the weekend.

Her family are giving her great support as ever.

This says it all. to read the full article click HERE

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Bolton News August

NewsPosted by eric kerr Mon, August 11, 2014 15:13:47
Thinking of my donor all the way round. nice to get a mention in the papers again.

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Adlington Report

NewsPosted by eric kerr Sun, August 10, 2014 14:49:28
I've been mentioned in the mayors annual report.

Adlington Town Council - Annual Report to Electors 2013-14

Mayor’s Report

I would like to thank my fellow Councillors for electing me to the office of

Town Mayor. It is a privilege to represent Adlington both within the

township and in the wider community.

It has been a very busy year for the Council with major developments

being discussed:-

Rail Electrification is coming to town and will start in June. There will be

widespread disruption and many discussions have been held with all

interested parties to help minimise the effect on the town. I would ask

that residents and drivers be respectful of each other during the period

of the disruption. I am in ongoing contact with our County Councillor to

try and look at further ways to minimise the disruption.

Jubilee Playing Fields has been a major refurbishment project which will

be started in late summer and I look forward to the new facilities.

The Mayoress and I have attended many functions over the last year.

The year started well when I went to the Lancashire Best Kept Village

Competition presentations to receive, on behalf of Higher Adlington, the

Adlington Bowl for “Most Improved Large Village”. Let’s hope we can

repeat the success this year. We have attended the productions of both

St Pauls Players and Adlington Music and Arts it never ceases to amaze

me that our community can produce some exceptional productions, well

done to both organisations.

One highlight of the year was to attend the induction of Bishop Julian at

Blackburn Cathedral. A very special day for the Church in Lancashire

I was invited to help promote organ donation awareness by Natalie Kerr,

a transplant recipient, which I was only too pleased to do. Natalie will be

taking part in this year’s Transplant Games and I know we all send our

best wishes for a good games.Prepared by Linda Crouch, Clerk to Adlington Town Council May 2014

We also attended Adlington Luncheon Club and once again I am

reminded of the volunteering nature of our residents in looking after

those less fortunate.

When I started my year I decided that my “chosen charities” would focus

on the elderly and the young. I have chosen to allocate the money

raised, one thousand pounds, to Adlington Luncheon Club and

Adlington Football Club. The Luncheon Club provide not only meals for

the elderly but a friendly environment and a meeting place where people

can socialise. Adlington Football Club run 10 teams providing sport for

over 130 young people. Both of them are run by volunteers. I have

presented cheques for £500 to each of them.

I would like to thank all members of the Council and the Clerk for their

work over the last year. The Council, once again, has managed not to

increase the precept.

Special thanks go to my Deputy Mayor, Cllr Dan Croft, who has

supported me in my work. He has stepped in, sometimes at short notice,

to represent the council at events

My work as Town Mayor would not be possible without the support of my

Mayoress, my wife Sandra. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to

her for the work she has done and the support she has given me over

the last year.

Barry Lee, Town Mayor.

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Bolton News report

NewsPosted by eric kerr Sun, August 10, 2014 14:26:40
Just had lovely comments from the Bolton news and Bolton games, they said on behalf of the Bolton news it's a pleasure working with me and thank you for letting them share my story and the games said I'm their pin up girl .

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NewsPosted by eric kerr Fri, August 08, 2014 21:09:28
Watch the Recording :- bbc sport

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