Natalie 2012

Natalie 2012

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Thank you for all your support and best wishes. this means a lot to me. I will do my best to keep you all informed of my progress.

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Sheffield visit

HospitalPosted by eric kerr Mon, December 17, 2012 16:14:45
Well been to Sheffield for the last time! Was lovely to see all the doctors and nurses! Goodbye Sheffield and goodbye pulmonary hypertension!

A Big Thank you to all the hard working Doctors and Nurses at Sheffield Royal Hallamshire Hospital. who was very pleased to see Natalie on our visit to Sheffield Hospital to show our appreciation for caring for Natalie. picture with Natalie is Kirsten, Gaynor, Anthony & Jane.

Posted by Louise H Mon, December 17, 2012 19:26:11

Natalie , what a journey you have been on in the last years .It is so nice to see you and all your family so happy .Happy Christmas to you all ,have the best ever 2013