Natalie 2012

Natalie 2012

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Thank you for all your support and best wishes. this means a lot to me. I will do my best to keep you all informed of my progress.

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Wythenshawe 27th July

HospitalPosted by eric kerr Fri, July 27, 2012 22:37:02

After Blood test and X-ray showing good signs of improvement, The Doctors were concerned about Natalie`s Blood sugar levels and general fitness so Natalie has been given instructions to be careful and keep away from people with infections and do more exercise to keep her lungs from going stiff which could cause her problems breathing but quite happy for Natalie to go Home and take things easy.

Natalie on F/B :-Thank you for all your lovely messages and comments! Sorry I've not been in touch much, I've been very poorly and feeling very low! Good news is I can go home tomorrow!!! Everything seems to be ok now, its set me back abit but aparantly this sort of thing isn't uncommon in the first year post transplant! Can't wait to get home and be with kids, guna take my time this time and do things at my own pace!