Natalie 2012

Natalie 2012

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Thank you for all your support and best wishes. this means a lot to me. I will do my best to keep you all informed of my progress.

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the summer

eventsPosted by eric kerr Mon, March 26, 2012 19:58:02

Natalie , Brandon and Isabelle enjoying the sun in the Back garden, Natalie is getting better each day her wound from the operation is healing nicely just the left side of the her ribs taking a while to heal. but over all she is feeling really well and enjoying life to the full still using the Mobility scooter when going for distances , as she did this morning shopping with her mum & Dad in Bolton and was amazed at the amount of people taking notice of her and recognizing her from the TV & News paper articles. also so Pleased with so many get well messages and they still keep coming she said on F/B today :- just received a get well card from my consultant cardiologist Dr Lipscomb! Not everyday you get a card from a consultant! I am very honoured! She's a lovely lady, she saved mine and isabelle's life 4 years ago when she diagnosed me with pulmonary hypertension. Natalie has had a very interesting Phone call from a reporter soon to be raveled on Here.