Natalie 2012

Natalie 2012

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Thank you for all your support and best wishes. this means a lot to me. I will do my best to keep you all informed of my progress.

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FarewellPosted by eric kerr Fri, October 05, 2012 16:59:37

Just to let everyone know, Rhia has just gone to heaven. She had something seriously wrong with her brain and was starting to fit :(! Sad to say goodbye, we'll miss u ri ri! We were guna av so much fun together me u b and izzy! We'll never forget u! Love u sleep tight. xx

Thanks everyone for your comments about Rhia, if your a mum at school don't mention anything to your kids about Rhia goin to heaven coz I've told the kids she's gone to doggie hospital to get better then back to the man we got her off! Thanks.x

Leanne Vickers aww sweetheart I'm so sorry. Big bugs to you all

Dez Gowland Thinking of you all.

Niomie Haynes Oh no Natalie that's so sad RIP Rhea aw man :-

Jenny Franklin Oh no! That's heartbreaking! It's sooo horrible to lose a pet. Hope u and the kids are ok.

Sally Fowler Nat so sorry to hear about rhia

Susan Anne Kerr So sorry to hear that Rhia has gone, we know exactly how you feel, we had to make the same decision last year with Jackie:( xxx

Jonathan Stead I am sorry for your loss

Kerry Hollingsworth xx

Sarah Cole Awwww poor pup

Donna Nelmes So sad, thinking of you all

Louise Stennett Aww hun I'm so sorry

Carol Taylor Aw so sorry hun

Sara Waller sorry to hear that

Sam Collier awww no way poor doggy r.i.p rhea

Allan Hartley so sad to lose a dog so soon hope your all ok

Vicky Sinar Omg im so sorry natalie she looked like such a lovely dog my thoughts are with u and your family

Pamela Martin Oh Natalie so sorry

Sarah Crossley

Zoƫ Diane Percival So sorry I understand your pain but she's playing with our Holly now n she'll look after her

Rita Miller So sorry for the loss of Rhia

Julie Williams Ah that's really sad...hope Izzy + brandon are ok...

Emily Gilston omg so sorry for ur sad news, play well in heaven sweetheart hope u n the kids r ok xxx

Debbie Latham Very sad. Love to you all

Thelma Kerr-Musgrave So sorry to hear

Kirsten Pascott Sorry to hear that nats

Pauline Ginn So sorry Natalie, at least she had a very loving family to look after her

Jackie Towner Tootle Oh Natalie I'm so sorry, big hugs to you

Leanne Noo-noo Rogers So sad I'm sorry hun

Anne-marie Tickle Aww Natalie :-( I am so sorry. I just hope you can get some comfort from the fact that you gave her the most caring and beautiful start. She had a loving family that treated her exactly the way she deserved to be treated. And although so sadly short, she had an amazing life xxxx

Zoe Raving Butler awwwwww wat a shame big hugs hun .

Jenny Franklin aww, at least they wont b too upset then, thats what im dreading about when the time comes for Buster. hope ur ok.

Jill Fairhurst Awww Nat im so sorry about Rhia

Jackie Towner Tootle Well done Nat, secret is safe

Helen Norman . Oh hun so sorry. Hope your all ok. Thinking of you. Xxx