Natalie 2012

Natalie 2012

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Thank you for all your support and best wishes. this means a lot to me. I will do my best to keep you all informed of my progress.

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Merry Christmas

kerrPosted by eric kerr Thu, December 27, 2012 20:29:16

Message From Natalie :-

Happy Birthday

kerrPosted by eric kerr Wed, November 21, 2012 09:39:31
A very special Happy Birthday to our Beautiful Daughter Natalie. The first since your double lung transplant. Hope you have and go on to have many many many more. We are eternally grateful to the organ donor for this wonderful gift of life. Love you very much. Xx Mum & Dad

Is having a fab 1st birthday with my new lungs! Had a lovely morning with my babies, brandon was so cute playing stevie wonder happy birthday when I got up! Got lots of pressies from my lovely friends and just enjoyed lunch at pizza express! More fun to come with my family later on :) thanks for all the messages! I'm so lucky

Ive had a lovely 1st birthday with my new lungs, just sat here looking at all my messages on facebook on my BRAND NEW LAPTOP! Thanks mum and dad!xx and thank you to you all on here for your messages of love not just today but this past year! So happy i am here, with a special thanks to my donor! Bring on Christmas!!! then next year and another and another and another............ :) and thank you to everyone who's sent me a card and gift etc, ive been super super spoilt

Slow Recovery

kerrPosted by eric kerr Fri, August 03, 2012 15:00:08

Been home since last weekend just resting and taking things easy, the medications are reacting differently daily, i have my good days and bad days and know it will take time to get back up and running, my legs are weak and knees swollen got a bit of a swelling on my face too that`s because of the steroids . glad i have so many friends who text me and send me messages of support and encouragements. the physio will be over today to get me motivated while my mum continues to beef me up, going to miss the kids as they will be going to wales to their Grandmas for a week, hopefully i will have improved quite a bit before my appointment at Wythenshawe on Thursday.

Home Sweet Home

kerrPosted by eric kerr Sat, July 28, 2012 22:13:27

ON f/b :-Home sweet home, with my two amazing children, and my mum in my little house! The door is locked and I wouldn't be anywhere else in the world right now! Love my family! Brandon just said he's happy to have me home, and he's not bothered what we do as long as we are together! XX

Christopher Cheetham Awww good on you! You stay well x

Frank Richards fantastic Nat, i remember that feeling especially after a setback, theres no place like home as they say lol x

Gemma Wright Good to hear ur home n doing well. Keep strong you really are inspirational!

Gaynor Leitch great news keep strong Natalie xxx

Gillian Cook Glad to hear your home love..take

Neeley Holt Glad your home take care xxx

Jenny Franklin Glad ur home and well! Enjoy ur evening!x

Gillian Stewart Glad you are home nat!xx

Julie Williams Absolutly fantastico xxxx

Donna Howarth Aww get well soon Natalie x x x

Louise Stennett Great news hun xxxx

Jill Pudney So glad your home Natalie :) xx

Helen Louise Croke awwwh thats so lovely xxx good to hear you back home with your babies !! theres no place like home xxxx

Lorraine Foster How wonderful for you, so glad you are doing well xx

Debbie Latham So glad to hear you're home and doing well Nat. Take it easy for a while and you'll be fine. My brother-in-law got chickenpox not long after his kidney transplant, but after a spell in hospital he was fine. It's all part of the challenge of being a transplant patient xx

Sally Fowler So glad your back home nat will let you settle in before I call to see if you need anything gave a ring xxx

Laura Press Nice to hear ur back home keep strong xxxx

Susan Anne Kerr Glad your back home safe and well. Take it easy. xx

Life Goes on

kerrPosted by eric kerr Fri, July 13, 2012 23:24:56
Im so proud of my brandon and isabelle! After all they have been through this year both have had great reports from school/nursery! Their both such happy children, always smiling! Now its time for a well deserved holiday and lots of fun over the 6 weeks hols! and quality time together! Love you brandon and Isabelle.

Hoping things stay as they are and i continue to improve Physically and mentally. Money Is a worry but that is not important at the moment , what matters more is the Happiness of my Children every thing else takes second place. just look at the smiles on their Faces so Happy out having a meal with all the Family.


kerrPosted by eric kerr Thu, July 05, 2012 16:43:53
Jeez tatoo's hurt! had this done yesterday.

They are my life line, without them i would have thrown the towel in! Definately with me forever now

Leanne Vickers Hang on, you've just had massive surgery and tattoos hurt? lol. What've you had done.

Lol give me a double lung transplant anyday! Ouch !!!!

Another Achievement

kerrPosted by eric kerr Sat, June 23, 2012 21:02:04

Is happy I got to meet Katie Price today! Thank you to my little sister Caroline for getting me a photo with her as she wasn't allowing photo's but when caz told her about my transplant she let me! Another thing of my things to do list completed.


kerrPosted by eric kerr Mon, May 28, 2012 06:14:37

23rd may Is at astley park with mum, izzy, julie and alfie feeding the ducks then having some lunch :)

24th may Is on the park with nic,andy and the kids! :)

25th may was in chorley hospital for fitness test , did very well but still along way to go yet.

in the evening watching the first harry potter film with my boy, I have never actually got round to seeing any of them. I went to the cinema to watch this one when I was pregnant with brandon 10 years ago and fell asleep lol, I slept all the way through it! Ah well I'm only 10 years late :)

26th May Just got in from my first evening out with my new lungs! And it was to celebrate my best friend Helen's 30th Birthday so no better occasion!!! So glad I'm here and I got to see this he'll I love u lots!! Here's to many more years to come!! When I came in Brandon said aww mummy you had your first night out and gave me a hug!! Erm who's the parent? Lol! He's so cute! Love you brandon x

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